Fair trade is a global movement that is growing in popularity to provide equality for everyone when business transactions occur, primarily the term comes from third world countries getting a fair price for their products, these products can range from coffee to clothes to even resources to make ice cream. This has benefited both parties of trade, as workers from third world countries can claim more money for their work, while companies that work with them still have an amazing product while also doing some intrinsic good for the world.

As fair trade grows in popularity, larger companies are beginning to make the switch, even if that means downsizing on margins and profits. There however is much more to fair trade than just paying higher costs for goods, There are several principals to fair trade that help bring the world, and the market together. Some of these include opportunities for disadvantaged workers, no child or forced labor, good working conditions, no discrimination, and respect for the environment just to name a few. 

How do you know if your products are fair trade? All products are marked with a different label, most of these are easy to recognize and understand, usually having the words “fair” or “fair trade” in the label. The Fair Trade movement actually started with coffee and to this day is still one of the most important fair trade products. Here at Blugold Roast, we happily ensure that all of our products are fair trade, this is important to us and the mission we are on. 

Written by Zach Wenning

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