In our first blog of 2021 we shared that we would be adding seasonal roasts to our coffee collection. We sampled four new roasts, Honduras, Brazil, Sumatra, and Rwanda. Each of these origin beans had different textures and flavors to set them apart from not only each other but our staple roasts as well. As for the types of coffee, Rwanda was a light roast, Honduras and Brazil were medium roasts, and Sumatra is a dark roast blend. Going into this project we wanted our spring roast to mean something more than just a cup of coffee, we wanted it to symbolize that the winter season is passing and spring is quickly approaching. From the four options we were choosing from, we needed to find the one that symbolizes the season of growth, while also appealing to the history of our sales. With all this information we have chosen our new roast, which will be available in the coming weeks, Blugold Roasts first seasonal roast is the Sumatra dark roast. Sumatra is one of the larger Indonesian islands, from its lush green foliage to its rocky volcanic vistas, Sumatra has a natural breathtaking beauty and that same beauty will be found in each Spring Roast bag very shortly so stay tuned for the official release date!

Written by Zach Wenning

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