Blugold Roast is student-founded, university-branded coffee business specializing in both B2B & B2C coffee supply. Our artisan, fair trade, carbon negative coffee is locally sourced and we strive to support our local economy by establishing partnerships within the Eau Claire community.

Blugold Roast launched in October of 2016 with intentions of constant expansion and eventually, an on-campus coffee shop. Being involved offers unprecedented experience better preparing UWEC students for the post-graduation world.


Our mission is simple: to offer real life experience to student entrepreneurs while simultaneously providing alumni and local businesses with a premium product and opportunity to give back to the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.


Providing students with real life experience and leadership that cannot be obtained in the classroom. We encourage our members to execute the knowledge that is learned at university. 

Providing the opportunity for students to figure out if they are cut out to be an entrepreneur in a low stakes environment.

Supporting our local economy by establishing partnerships with Eau Claire area businesses and sourcing our coffee locally.