Part of our mission at Blugold Roast is making sure our products are carbon negative. Carbon negative is the premise of reducing the Co2 emissions in the air or reducing the Co2 a company is releasing in the air. This was an important aspect when we first started to create our brand, when looking for our distributor. We work directly with two joint companies, Tiny Footprint and Roastery 7. We work with these two because of their carbon negative initiative, which is every one-pound bag sold, fifty trees are planted. Which is a great bonus and an incredible goal. While they distribute their organic carbon negative coffee to brands like ours, then use a percentage of the sale to personally plant trees all around the world. We are very happy to work alongside these companies every day.


Being carbon negative is a relatively new trend that companies are becoming more aware of, larger corporations are pushing hard deadlines to reduce their carbon footprint to become carbon neutral and even carbon negative with most other businesses following quickly behind. The notion that our constant technological improvements have weakened the earth has grown in popularity through the years, with deforestation and habitat destruction. We tend to ask if we are doing more harm than good as a species because of this. 


This is why carbon negative based products was so important for us at BGR, it’s very hard for a company to go from not caring for the environment to now being carbon neutral or negative and while this trend hasn’t totally caught on with the rest of the world, we’re ahead of the group putting not only our customers first but also our planet. Our mission for being carbon negative goes hand in hand with our fair-trade mission. When BGR was in its planning phase, we wanted to sell the best beans because we believed that lead to the best cup of coffee furthermore, we also wanted to make our company as environmentally friendly as possible as our own personal goal, we didn’t want to distribute products that would be harmful to our planet.


Written by Zach Wenning

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