Bottled Cold Brew (32 ounces) no frills


Enjoy Blugold Roast from wherever you are with our bottled cold brew, a summertime coffee stand favorite! We call this "no frills" cold brew because it is bottled in an recycled creamer container that has been steamed and sanitized. Sustainability is a value of Blugold Roast, and reusing an otherwise single-use plastic is one of the many ways that we work to be good stewards of the environment. 

Cold brewing extracts the flavor compounds of coffee and leaves behind the bitter oils and fatty acids that result from traditional heat-brewed coffee. Our cold brew is made in small batches and steeped between 18 and 24 hours for a smoother and lower acidity to the taste.

Enjoy your cold brew within two weeks of purchase for the best taste.

*Bottled cold brew is only available for campus delivery or pickup. Please note that there may be a delay in fulfilling your order to allow time for the cold brew process.