Blugold Roast 3 oz. Sample Pack



Give each of our unique roasts a try before deciding your favorite with this small portion of ground coffee. 3 ounces of ground coffee will make a very strong 12-cup pot in a standard drip coffee maker. Use slightly less than the full package if you prefer not as strong a cup.


DARK (CHANCELLOR'S BLEND) ROAST: Bold & rich with a velvety feel balanced by dark chocolate tones, and a clean, sweet, citrus laced finish.

MEDIUM ROAST: Full bodied with citrus infused caramel and toffee flavors that resolve into a sweet lingering finish.

LIGHT ROAST: Sparkling bright with floral and citrus notes that transition into easy sipping, milk chocolate and nut-infused body.

DECAF ROAST: "Swiss Water Processed Decaf" Cleaned and hydrated with water, our decaf loses no strength or flavor.


  • Weight: 3 ounces of ground coffee
  • USDA Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Artisan
  • Carbon-Negative


When you drink our coffee, you’re making a big difference in the world. Especially in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest, one of the wettest, most bio diverse areas on the planet.

As part of Blugold Roast’s Partnership with Tiny Footprint Coffee, we are helping to foster a carbon-negative mission. This means the organization plants enough trees to more-than offset the carbon footprint created when producing the coffee. From farm to roaster to you, it takes approximately four pounds of carbon to create one pound of coffee. The organization then donates a portion of the proceeds to plant trees that will remove more than 54 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere in their lifetime. This means there is 50 pounds of good karma in every pound of our coffee.

The reforestation takes place on previously clear-cut land in the Mindo cloud forest of Northern Ecuador. Not only does the reforestation help rebuild habitat for the many native species in the area, it also creates job opportunities in local communities for the care and development of the land.